• Recycled Rubber

    Marathon Surfaces uses recycled rubber products which has diverted this many pounds of material from our landfills.
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    Tennis Surfaces & Multi Purpose Courts


    Lacrosse – Duncan, BC

    All tennis surfaces are not created equal. At Marathon, we have undergone an extensive search for an acrylic manufacturer that can meet our high standards for quality and technical support. The acrylic manufacturer which best meets our standards is World Class Athletic Surfacing.

    The World Class colour coating system is a durable, all-weather, non-glare, 100% acrylic surface designed for use on asphalt or concrete. World Class colour-coating systems are formulated using professional-grade resins and high-quality pigmentation. This results in a vivid and long-lasting colour that provides years of service in the temperature extremes of the Canadian climate. World Class has been installed at such facilities as the Bollettieri Tennis Academy and the Chinese National Training Centre.

    When you combine the quality of World Class and the experience of Marathon, you have a team that is committed to meeting its customers’ expectations for quality, value, and prompt installations.

    PDF Acrylic Tennis and Multi Purpose Court Specifications


    Ultimate Cushion – Vancouver, BC

    Marathon Ultimate Cushion is a combination of the highest quality 100% acrylic resin and rubber granules resulting in the ultimate court. Marathon Ultimate Cushion combines wonderful durability with great resiliency and shock absorption.

    PDF Marathon Ultimate Cushion Brochure

    PDF Marathon Ultimate Cushion Specifications


    Synthetic Turf Private Residence, Vancouver, BC

    Are you looking for a tennis and multi purpose court surface that will provide you with the aesthetics of natural grass but not the high maintenance? Synthetic tennis turf is your optimal surface.

    Marathon’s turf is designed and manufactured to meet the highest standards of the tennis industry. The turf is produced using the highest quality yarns and our tennis turf is available in multiple shades of green. Our product features UV stabilizers which ensure long-lasting colour retention and specialized rounded infill material that will ensure consistent performance while preventing compaction.

    Are you thinking of installing a clay court but are concerned about the maintenance? We invite you to consider Classic Clay. Classic Clay is a red synthetic turf that has the appearance and play characteristics of natural clay. The keys to Classic Clay’s continued success are both the quality of the turf and the professional-grade red rounded infill.

    Marathon’s factory trained technicians will ensure a no-hassle installation that boasts straight playing lines, invisible seams and is free of wrinkles.