Marathon Surfaces has 4 World Bowls Approved Lawn Bowling Greens in BC

Marathon is pleased to partner with Dales Sport Surfaces for our World Bowls approved lawn bowling Greens

We are the exclusive Canadian dealer for Dales Sports providing outdoor and indoor artificial lawn bowling greens. Dales are the world’s leading suppliers of Bowls surfaces, their artificial indoor bowls surfaces are used for competitions at International and Club Level. Our partnership with Dales Sports allows us to bring innovative and World Bowls Approved carpet and lawn bowling greens to our Canadian customers.


Lawn Bowling Green Maintenance

Bowling green maintenance and management is often described as an art. However, the number of available artists is declining. Finding replacements for retiring volunteer greens-keepers is proving difficult due to the lack of interest by current lawn bowlers and agricultural school graduates. In some cities, green maintenance is handled mostly by municipal parks maintenance staff. Along with the ever-increasing cost of labour and specialized equipment, many bowls clubs/cities in Canada have decided to install artificial bowling surfaces.

Those who maintain these new surfaces describe the care and maintenance of lawn bowling greens as minimal as the surface is simply vacuumed as needed, mainly to remove surface debris such as bird droppings, leaves and other windblown materials. As on natural grass greens, bowling direction is rotated regularly to more evenly distribute any potential wear.