Landsafe® Pour in Place Rubber Surfacing …. The Ultimate Play Environment

Landsafe ® is a unique recycled rubberized surface, ideal for use in Playgrounds, water parks, pathways, seniors centres and much more! Pour in place rubber surfacing is designed to enhance safety in any environment, the Landsafe ® system offers a seamless, safe, accessible and porous surface for the ultimate play, sport and social environment.


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Onsite mixing of the wear course enables our skilled technicians to customize your installation, this allows for the addition of custom designs and logos, all while maintaining seamless transitions. Our highly imaginative and artistic team is committed to exceeding your creative expectations.

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Landsafes’ unique layered system is comprised of a resilient elastic layer (base mat) and durable wear course.

The base mat is composed of recycled rubber buffings held in a matrix with high- strength polyurethane binders and troweled in place by manufacturer-trained technicians. The base mat thickness is customized to meet the appropriate fall height requirements, as set by the CSA (Canadian Standards Association). We have certified playground inspectors on staff to help you determine what your fall height recommendations are.

The wear course is a 13mm layer of coloured EPDM rubber mixed with high strength polyurethane binders which is, also troweled in place.The wear course can be a mix of EPDM rubber and recycled rubber as a way to reduce costs and qualify for select grant funding.


Landsafe® Pour in Place Available colors

Select from one of the stock mixes or use our color mixer tool to create the perfect blend for your project.

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