Create a 3 dimensional play environment that will increase play opportunities and stimulate the imagination! Hide behind or climb on up, and conquer! Marathon Surfaces is now offering 3D rubber animals and spheres. These durable rubber play features come in a variety of sizes and bright bold colours.

3D Rubber Animals

Available in 2 sizes
Classic Range: 900mm x 1600mm x 1900mm to 950mm x 5000mm x 4500mm and many sizes in between
Mini Range: 25% smaller than classic and ideal for toddlers and small spaces
39 different items available to suit any play space

To see the full range of 3D rubber animals please click HERE

3D Rubber Spheres

Available in 3 diameters: 350mm, 450mm and 600mm
Variety of bold colours

For more information on these 3D play features please contact a member of our sales team.