Installing LANDSAFE® recycled rubber playground surfacing for your playground will provide an accessible space with increased opportunities for inclusive play and add the benefit of play value right in the safety surfacing. Whether you are looking for a colourful, vibrant and energized space or prefer serene colours and the natural designs of nature, LANDSAFE’s wide range of available colours and endless design options can give you the custom playground of your dreams.

Landsafe®… the ultimate play environment

LANDSAFE® is a unique recycled rubber playground surfacing, ideal for use as a playground surfacing, designed to enhance safety within the play environment.

The LANDSAFE® system offers a seamless, safe, accessible, porous surface for the ultimate play environment. LANDSAFE® offers tremendous advantages over conventional loose-fill playground surfacing.


Photo courtesy of and Equipment supplied by Habitat Systems Inc.

Landsafe® Adds play value

Marathon Surfaces is using the simple fundamentals of play, such as jumping, crawling, climbing and rolling for inspiration in designing and creating unique play experiences within the playground surfacing. Our LANDSAFE® pour in place rubber surfacing is evolving into more than just safety surfacing, it is 3 dimensional, topographical and interactive, it feeds the imagination and inspires creative
play and movement. We are achieving this by designing and installing play areas that include 3 dimensional elements such as anthills, hillside mounds, tunnels, animals, spheres and so much more. If you can imagine it we can create it!