•    What is poured in place rubber surfacing (Landsafe®, Spurtan)?

Poured in place refers to the installation process which involves mixing binding agent and rubber granulate on site.
The mixed material is then poured and towelled onto the sub-surface. The product then cures on site.

•    How long does it last?

Most well maintained synthetic surfaces will last 8 years.  At that time the surface should be inspected and resurfacing should be considered.

•    What is the surfacing made from?

Rubberized playground surfaces and running tracks: recycled rubber, natural rubber and polyurethane binders.
Synthetic turf: polyethylene fibers, recycled rubber, sand and natural rubber.
Tennis and multi purpose courts: acrylic emulsion, recycled rubber, sand.

• Is basemat rubber brand new virgin rubber?

No, all basemat rubber is 100% recycled tire rubber that is specifically designed for sports and safety surfacing.

• Are there fabric cords & steel wire in rubber tires?

Yes. The recycling rubber process eliminates all the steel and fabric material from the tire. This leaves a clean safe recycled rubber product.

• Is there such a thing as 500km surfacing?

Yes, all material except the coloured EPDM rubber is generated with 500km of the lower mainland. Our surfacing meets LEED™ strict requirements. No other rubber surfacing available in British Columbia meets this requirement.

• Playground companies know surfacing.

This is a misconception. Marathon specializes in athletic and safety surfacing. We will always ensure the best surface is selected for your project!

•    What colours are available?

Primary colours are: red, green, blue and black. Other custom colours and combinations are available.

•    Can we install ourselves?

Not recommended as the material cost is the largest cost of the installation.

•    How long has it been around?

Poured in place sport surfaces: since the early 70’s.
Synthetic Turf: 1st installation in the late 60’s and had an up surge and demand in the last 10 years.

•    How much recycled rubber do you use a year?

1,000,000 pounds.

•     How far does one recycled car tire go?

There is approximately 7 lbs. of recycled tire crumb (1/2 a car tire) per square foot of play surfacing.  e.g.  1000 sq.ft. playground uses 7000lbs. of recycled tire rubber, (approximately 500 car tires.)

•    What does poured in place and synthetic turf go on top of?

Compacted aggregate base, concrete or asphalt.

•    Is there rubber in tennis court coatings?

Yes and No.  Most tennis court coatings are comprised of acrylic emulsion and sand.  There are cushion surfaces like ‘Ultimate Cushion’
that are comprised of recycled rubber.