Marathon is pleased to partner with APT on their Spurtan and Rekortan running track surfacing systems. We have experienced sales staff and installers that can assist you in determining the running track surfacing material that best suits your sport and project requirements. There are many benefits to installing a rubber running track including; reduced risk of injury, low maintenance and enhanced athlete performance.

Rekortan M99

This is a IAAF approved running track surfacing system.

15mm, impermeable, full pour system featuring 3 specialized layers.

Rekortan M99 Cut Sheet


Spurtan BV

IAAF Approved running track surfacing system.

14mm, impermeable, two-layer sandwich style polyurethane track system.

Spurtan BV Cut Sheet 

Spurtan BSS

IAAF approved running track surfacing system.

13mm, impermeable structural spray coat system.

Ideal for regional tracks and universities

Spurtan BSS Cut Sheet

Spurtan BS

IAAF approved running track surfacing system

13mm, permeable structural spray coat system.

Ideal for regional tracks and universities.

Spurtan BS Cut Sheet

Spurtan B

13mm, single layer, permeable black mat track system.

Spurtan B Cut Sheet

Seal Flex

Only Patented latex bound track surface, typically installed in six layers. Available in various colours and depths. The proprietary latex binders and high-quality rubber will ensure track resiliency season after season.

Seal Flex Specification

Rekortan Resurface

5mm, impermeable, EPDM tow-component flood and chip.

Available in multiple colours.

Resurface/Respray Cut Sheet


Marathon has extensive experience striping every type of athletic facility. We stripe synthetic turf, natural grass, running tracks and sport courts. All striping is performed to the highest standards and we use only the highest quality marking paints.

Marathon can also provide unique and intricate stencils for team logos and sponsors.